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New Brand Pinebury Utilizes Nuyarn® For Main Collection

June 1, 2023

Embracing natural fibers and heritage style for overall comfort and performance.


PORTLAND, ME. – a new challenger brand in the cycling and active outdoor market, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of their Spring/Summer Collection. Rooted in New England’s rich cycling and outdoor heritage, and manufactured in the United States, the collection is built with the innovative Nuyarn® merino, a bike industry first in cycling jerseys and apparel.

Pinebury is an independent Maine brand that makes technical apparel domestically using natural fibers for individuals dedicated to pursuing outdoor adventures at any pace or path, in any type of weather. Pinebury gear is inspired by a love of four-season outdoor pursuits and all the activities that are natural to Maine coastlines, mountains and trails.

Pinebury’s Spring/Summer Collection presents a meticulously designed range of cycling and multi-sport apparel that harnesses the power of cutting-edge Nuyarn® technology. Nuyarn® drafts superfine merino wool with a high-performance nylon filament — this breeds ultra-lightweight and durable fabric. Because Nuyarn® is drafted and not “twisted”, it absorbs better in the vapor state, managing moisture more akin to as it does in its loftier fiber state (or on the sheep’s back), Nuyarn Merino is 5x faster drying, 8.8x more durable and has 85% more elasticity/stretch than conventional ring or core-spun merino (industry standard).

The Pinebury collection includes road and gravel cycling jerseys, high-performance short and long sleeve multi-sport tops, socks and arm warmers all tailored for optimal fit, freedom of movement, and breathability, seamlessly incorporating these qualities into their collection using Nuyarn® merino. In a departure from traditional gender categorization, Pinebury’s collection is non-gendered, allowing customers to choose based on their measurements for the best fit.

“Pinebury is dedicated to continuous innovation while staying true to the timeless relationship of outdoor sport and Maine’s rich sporting heritage, two elements that are greatly important to me. Tried and tested by a tight-knit community of year-round cyclists, runners and snow-sport obsessives, I feel confident that as our community grows, Pinebury apparel will reach “essential” status among those that value their time outdoors and the high quality gear that makes it all possible.” expressed Kyle Rancourt, Founder and President of Pinebury. “For our initial launch collection, Nuyarn emerged as the ideal natural materials partner, they are surpassing all other merino and natural fiber technologies in terms of performance and longevity. The potential of this technology is boundless and we are merely scratching the surface of what it can achieve. This is just the beginning for us.”

Discover the next generation of cycling apparel utilizing natural performance fibers with Pinebury’s first line of products, available online now at

About Pinebury
Rooted in cycling, but dedicated to outdoor pursuits that motivate athletes year-round, Pinebury is an active-wear brand crafting high-performance and stylish apparel that delivers quality, functionality, and individuality. Our mission—to make the finest merino wool active-wear in the world—is driven by a passion for the activities natural to our Maine landscape. We are keenly focused on craftsmanship and American manufacturing to minimize environmental impact, reduce waste, and strengthen our communities.

About Nuyarn®
Nuyarn technology produces yarn for ultra-light, high-performance stretch fabrics. The environmentally friendly Nuyarn spinning process allows weavers and knitters to create unparalleled fabric weights with incredible natural elasticity, to provide performance benefits that other yarns cannot deliver. Unlike traditional core-spun or ring-spun methods that twist the life out of fiber, Nuyarn technology drafts wool fibers along a high-performance filament, creating a structure that amplifies the fiber’s natural properties. The incredibly fine, 2 ply twist-free yarn performs better across the board – in stretch, loft, strength, comfort, volume, dry time, next-to-skin feel, spirality, elasticity, warmth, and UV protection, which last for the lifetime of the garment. Nuyarn technology uses 30% fewer raw materials, and its top-of-the-line machinery consumes less space and uses less energy.


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New Brand Pinebury Utilizes Nuyarn® For Main Collection

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