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The Best Running Shirts for Every Type of Runner

May 18, 2023

Whether you need a full-coverage hoodie, moisture-wicking or an ultralight singlet

Best Merino Running Shirt

Black Diamond Rhythm Tee

The Black Diamond Rhythm Tee is a well-regarded option that combines the performance properties of natural and synthetic materials. It’s made from NuYarn, where wool fibers are spun around a core of nylon. The result is a fabric with the breathability and temperature regulation of merino and the stretchiness and durability of nylon. It’s also lighter and dries faster than your typical merino garment. One caveat: Some reviewers have had issues with this shirt pilling. Overall, it’s a versatile option you can wear in a variety of scenarios. It’s an especially good pick for running in chillier weather.


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The Best Running Shirts for Every Type of Runner

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