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Overland News of the Week: Nuyarn Merino Is the Future of Baselayers

December 8th, 2023

Nuyarn spinning technology drafts superfine merino wool with a high-performance filament to produce an ultralight and durable fabric that outperforms its competitors. It’s five times faster drying, 8.8 times more durable, and offers 85 percent more elasticity than conventional ring or core-spun merino. In short, this technology is very significant and marks the evolution of merino. I’ve personally owned several Nuyarn products, and the performance exceeded my expectations (namely, the KUIU Pro Merino 200 Zip-T for running and bikepacking). Artilect, Trew, Ibex, Black Diamond, and Mosko Moto are just a few of the companies offering Nuyarn baselayers.


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